6 Easy steps to create Digital Signature in Odoo Community Edition!

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Given below are 6 steps you need to do to create digital signature in Odoo Community Edition:

1. Define a Binary Field

We need to define a binary field to enable digital signature. Our digital signature will be converted to an image so it is easier to use binary field in python file .

2. Add widget as Signature

While calling the field in our xml, we need to add widget=”signature” so that this field will call the javascript function for signature.

3. Download web_digital_signature module

We need to download web_digital_signature module from apps store which is a free app and place it into our odoo source folder. This app will contain the necessary action files for our widget

4. Add digital signature  as dependency

In our custom module, we need to add digital signature module as dependency so that when our app is installed digital signature widget app will also get installed.

5. Download Web tree image Module

Once we had added everything, e-sign will work fine in Form view but in tree view signature will not rendered properly. So it will be easier for us if we installed web tree image module which is also available for free in odoo apps store.

6. E-signature using any device

If we did all the above steps, we can do e-signature using any device. This signature supports touch facility as well as mouse functionality. This is how simple we can implement digital signature in odoo.

Digital Signature in Odoo Community Edition by TenthPlanet Customization services