13 Benefits of Implementing Odoo ERP

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Top 13 benefits odoo ERP

Odoo ERP is a single software that covers all the requirements. It also helps to improvise the quality and the efficiency of the business. When there is a change in the functioning of the company, Odoo ERP helps to adopt the changes and provide flexibility. Another highly useful feature is that, data security is present.

Implementing Odoo ERP in business can bring the following benefits:

  1. Efficiency:

ERP system removes repetitive procedures and  reduces the need  to enter the data manually. The system streamlines the business processes & the functionalities within and thus makes it easier and more efficient for companies to collect data.

  1. Integrated Information:

All the data are kept in one location which is easier when compared to data distributed in a number of locations where the data is kept updated always.

  1. Reporting:

A unified and single reporting system is present in order to analyze and track the status of the business. With the help ERP software, reporting becomes easier and more customizable. In the case of complex data requests, the reporting features that are present in Odoo will help to project the data in a more efficient manner. Users can also run their own reports without any help from IT.

  1. Visibility:

A complete visibility of all the processes in all the departments of the business can be projected with the help of Odoo ERP.

  1. Business Intelligence:

Some ERP vendors  broaden their system in order to provide business intelligence functions. With the help of this, we can get an overall vision of major areas of problems or major areas need development.

  1. E-commerce integration:

ERP provides an advanced level of E-commerce integration which comes in use in the case of web-based order tracking or processing.

  1. Various modules:

Different modules in ERP system helps to attain more efficiency.

  1. Module wise software:

Odoo ERP consists of a wide variety of modules. Hence integration between the modules is easy. If any new modules are implemented, the integration between the various functions or departments is easy.

  1. Centralized Storage and Backup:

ERP enables Centralized Storage and Backup of all data.

  1. API ( Application Programming Interface ) :

ERP is easy to integrate other systems, for example, barcode reader with ERP with API ( Application Programming Interface )

  1. Globally Dispersed enterprise managing:

Odoo ERP is a boon for globally dispersed enterprise companies.

  1. Customer Service:

ERP provides an easier and efficient quality customer services.  Employees can interact with customers better and can improve relationships with them, through faster, most proper access to customers’ information and history.

  1. Security:

A new ERP system will improve the accuracy, security, and consistency of data.