Rickshaw is a open source time series javascript, which is used to create interactive time series charts with huge data volume

Fuzzy matching is a method that provides an improved ability to process word-based matching queries to find matching phrases

Every ETL administrator deals with some kind of data processing headache at some point in their career. As data volumes grow

There are scenarios where customer might require all their applications of the organization to follow a same standard style

The following Pre-Requisites are in place The following Pre-Requisites are in place to enable connectivity of Pentaho Report Designer 5.4 to Google Big Query.

SAML is a specification that provides a means to exchange authentication, and authorization of the “principal”

Salesforce Communities can be created to connect Customers, Employee, and Partners at one place.

Salesforce and SharePoint integration can be done using the below two components. File Connect, Lightning Connect

MailChimp is an app in Salesforce which syncs data from Salesforce to MailChimp

In Salesforce, Go to Setup-> Security Controls ->Auth. Providers. Click New

Governor limits are Salesforce’s way of forcing you to write efficient, scalable code.

we have got to decide what platform going to build our website with.